Uncomprimising Quality & Accuracy

Milling Capabilities

Max 41.3”(X) x 20.8”(Y) x 20”(Z)

Our Mori NVX5100 II combines speed, accuracy, and repeatability. Its 50 Taper Design and direct drive spindle allow for maximum material removal and precision.

Rave Gears and Machining

Turning Capabilities

Max Diameter 28” x Max Length 50”

RAVE GEARS utilizes the best in turning equipment. Mori-Seiki NLX 2500SY delivers the utmost versatility for manufacturing parts. The Dual Spindle feature allows complete blank production with one loading. The exciting advantage of being able to offer equipment for your parts is to be able to load the forging or slug once and let the machine do the rest.

The final blank can be produced with drilled and tapped holes, key slots, part marking… whatever your design specifies! Also, the spindle-to-spindle transfer for part synchronized turning is accurate to within tenths. Ready to cut teeth the same day.