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Manufacturing High-Grade Alloy Gears 

MISSION statement

Rave Gears and Machining is committed to providing high quality, precision CNC machining, prototyping and supply of gears and gear shafts with shared customer focus on meeting delivery commitments through transparency and trust. We believe in employee development, investment in advanced technology and continuous improvement. Our customer’s business is our business.


  • Aerospace quality from start to finish. We are AS9100 Certified.
  • High-Grade Aerospace Alloy Steel
  • Flight Safety Critical Parts


  • Grind from solid gear manufacturing process that greatly increases precision and consistency.
  • Greater than 98% efficiency.


  • Our Gears produce almost no noise and heat. This means MORE HORSEPOWER transfer!
  • Every Bevel Gear is developed and manufactured using the latest Kligelnberg KIMOS/KOMET and Gleason GAGE/CAGE Engineering Software to ensure the highest performance and reliability.